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9 thoughts on “ Dependent

  1. A dependent is a person, especially a child or spouse, who depends on you for food, clothes, and money. If a federal employee dies from a work-related injury, a cash compensation is paid to the worker's surviving dependents. The policy covers the employees and their spouses and dependents for 18 months after their employment is terminated.
  2. noun a person who depends on or needs someone or something for aid, support, favor, etc. a child, spouse, parent, or certain other relative to whom one contributes all or a major amount of necessary financial support: She listed two dependents on her income-tax form.
  3. dependent adjective (NEEDING HELP) B2 needing the support of something or someone in order to continue existing or operating: He has three dependent children.
  4. A dependent is someone who is sustained by another person, such as a child supported by his or her parents. In an insurance policy, the term legal dependent generally includes all of those people whom the insured person is under a legal duty to support, such as a spouse and minor children.
  5. A dependent is a qualifying person who entitles a taxpayer to claim dependent-related tax benefits on a tax return. Tests in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) establish a person's eligibility to be a.
  6. We feel ourselves so dependent on it for all that is yet to come. We were both too young, too dependent and helpless, to do anything but accept our separation. He was older than Dorothy, who had always been dependent upon him to a certain extent. As if the good name were .
  7. Dependent definition is - determined or conditioned by another: contingent. How to use dependent in a sentence. Is it ever correct to use dependant instead of dependent?
  8. A dependantis a person who is dependent on someone else. (For example, a child is dependent on its parents. Therefore, a child is a dependant of its parents.).

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