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Sentimental - Various - We Couldnt Agree On A Title (Vinyl, LP)

8 thoughts on “ Sentimental - Various - We Couldnt Agree On A Title (Vinyl, LP)

  1. The duo signed to Dawn (a subsidiary of Pye Records) releasing one album, Morning Way in , and two highly prized, collectible vinyl singles. Dyble wrote the title track, "Morning Way," and co-wrote "Velvet to Atone" with Martin Quittenton for the album. The pairing shared stages with acts such as Humble Pie, Yes, and Genesis.
  2. Always been a big fan of WZ - though only owing "Greatest Hits", and his first release from - on vinyl. A few weeks back I heard the title track - "Sentimental Hygiene" on satellite. Rockin' song, with this blistering guitar solo. Turns out it's none other than Neil Young smokin' the guit box. And whole album is great. No "filler"/5(85).
  3. Mar 15,  · Imagine a vinyl record that has 30% more capacity, 30% greater volume, and double the audio fidelity of a typical LP sold today. The technical specifications for High Definition Vinyl, or ‘HD Author: Paul Resnikoff.
  4. Gaslighter [LP] Fiona Apple Fetch The Bolt Cutters [2LP] Ellie Goulding Brightest Blue [2LP].
  5. Mar 31,  · Triplicate, is the new three disc studio album from Bob Dylan. The collection features 30 brand-new recordings of classic American tunes and marking the /5().
  6. Before We Drop the Needle on This Licorice Pizza Here's a quick record glossary: RPM: Stands for “revolutions per minute." This is the speed at which a phonograph turntable revolves a record. Vinyl: A synthetic plastic polymer, usually the color black, used to make a phonograph record.
  7. Apr 16,  · I couldn’t add up all the demos I’ve done, from my decade as a high-end audio salesperson in the ‘80s, to trade show demos as a manufacturer, to demos for dealers, and many more for friends and family. CD or vinyl LP. We’ll revisit this topic later with an album that sounds shockingly different on CD compared to the vinyl record.
  8. Jan 13,  · New vinyl reissues of mid-century electro-acoustic figures such as Pierre Schaeffer dot bins, and then disappear. And new music labels are releasing new vinyl, too. Founded in , Innova Records has been around long enough to have issued its first releases on LP and then watched as vinyl gave way to the compact disc.

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