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  1. The most fuel-efficient version of the Chevy Equinox used to be the diesel-engine model, but that powertrain has been discontinued. For , the Chevrolet Equinox with its standard liter /5.
  2. Dec 30,  · Equioxx ® (firocoxib) belongs to the coxib class of non-narcotic, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Firocoxib is a white crystalline compound described chemically as 3-(cyclopropylmethoxy)(4-(methylsulfonyl)phenyl)-5,5-dimethylfuranone.
  3. Equinox Towing Capacity. When properly equipped, the Equinox can tow up to 3, pounds. Read more about performance» Equinox Reliability Is the Chevrolet Equinox Reliable? The Chevrolet Equinox has a perfect predicted reliability rating of five out of five from J.D. Power. Chevrolet Equinox /
  4. Voyager shields the Equinox. As this is being done, the same dry, high whine from before is heard again, as Seven of Nine (at an auxiliary console) reports the opening of portals – interspatial fissures – on several decks, including the bridge deck, Deck kalkisnilalmeenawhisperbringer.xyzinfo finishes adjusting the shields, and a single, large shield surrounds both Voyager and the Equinox, then becomes invisible Directed by: David Livingston.
  5. Define equinox. equinox synonyms, equinox pronunciation, equinox translation, English dictionary definition of equinox. equinox celestial sphere showing the positions of the autumnal and vernal equinoxes n. 1. Either of two points on the celestial sphere at which the ecliptic.
  6. The Equinox is one of the roomiest compact SUVs available, and offers the latest infotainment and safety technology. Most versions use a lackluster liter turbo four-cylinder with a six-speed.
  7. Jul 06,  · The Chevrolet Equinox saw a complete redesign in , which resulted in an overall lighter vehicle and improved fuel efficiency. For comparison, the mpg for the Chevrolet Equinox base LS trim with four-cylinder engine was an estimated 25 mpg combined (21 city and 31 highway) /5().
  8. What Is the Chevrolet Equinox? Fresh off a redesign for the model year, the Chevrolet Equinox compact SUV seats up to five people and offers a choice of three engines: a horsepower /5.

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